Dwight Freeney’s Sprained Ankle Gives My Wager Some Support

As if the Pro Bowl wasn’t lame enough (pun intended), Dwight Freeney’s injury was a cause for concern for the Colts as the injury was updated from a ankle sprain to a third degree basketball ankle sprain. What that means is that there is a ligament tear in Dwight’s ankle that could possibly eliminate him from the field of play Super Sunday.

When ESPN’s injury analyst was asked to explain the severity of the third degree ankle sprain, she stated that a third degree ankle sprain, which is a severe ligament tear,  could potentially be worse than a fracture because of the swelling that comes with it. Not only could this injury keep Freeney out of the game, even if he does play it is highly unlikely Freeney will be able to speed rush and utilize his highly effective spin move.

With that said, going into the Super Bowl, the Saints were going to have to deal with choosing to double team Dwight Freeney or Robert Mathis. With Freeney out or not one hundred percent, the Saints can choose to double Mathis and alleviate pressure on Drew Brees. Without a consistent pass rush, the Colts average secondary could get roasted by a high-powered Saints offense. Not only that, Freeney plays a part in helping to stop the run game. I say Bush, Thomas, and even Bell are going to have a field day next Sunday.

Logic: As Chis Berman said today, everyone bring your abacus! No matter what both teams are going to put up points. However, with Freeney out or not one hundred percent, Drew Brees is gonna be so hot he might even burn down Lebron’s house (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2wsDbO-35s).

Parlay: Saints Moneyline +170 and over 56 1/2 ($92.3 to win 383.46)

Note: For legality purposes, this Web site does not promote or advocate gambling. This is solely for entertainment purposes only.


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Golden State Warriors vs. New Orleans Hornets – Props and Periods

Stephen Curry 23 1/2 points + assists- Monta returns today Stephen Curry will not be the feature of the Warriors offense. ($50) – win (+42.5)

1st quarter point spread pick – I have the Warriors coming out hot and toasting the Hornets. ($50) – loss – the Warriors came out scorching but couldn’t sustain the hotness

Season – 1W – 1L (-7.50)

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Vegas Hotels Under $100 for Super Bowl Weekend 2/5/10-2/7/10

The hotels listed below might not be the sexiest hotels to take a hot date so maybe a good idea to leave the girlfriend at home since Valentines Day isn’t until the week after the Super Bowl, and another thing IT’S THE SUPER BOWL! With all the money you save, put five bucks on red, leave me a comment if you win, and I’ll tell you the PO Box you can send the winnings to as a thank you to myself for pulling together this list. Anyways, have fun and go get it done!

Lowes Hotel (30 minutes away from the strip in Henderson)- $89/night  but they have watersports and two golf courses and compared to the Palms at $399/night for a standard room on 2/6/10 that’s a steal!


Tropicana (on the strip) – $88.21/night for an Island Tower room


Las Vegas Hilton (Las Vegas Convention Center) – $91/night


Sahara (on the strip) – $57/night


Circus Circus (on the strip) – $65/night


Imperial Palace (on the strip) – $70/night


Stratosphere (on the strip) – $80/night


Palace Station (near the strip) – $46/night


Hooters (on the strip)plus $100 free slot play – $86/night


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Super Bowl XLIV – Drew “Jesus” Brees to Resurrect A Faltering Saints Defense

Betting Line on Bodog (1/26/10 at 8:30 pm): Colts  -6

Total: 56.5

Winning Insight:

All I have been hearing the past two weeks is how great the Colts defense has become. A once missing piece to a dynamic Colt’s team now supposedly exists according to the majority of the public. However, what everyone fails to realize is that the past two weeks the Colts have been studying film on the Jets and the Ravens, two “run-first” teams with mediocre quarterbacks. This week the Colts defense encounters the number one offense in the NFL that not only can throw it deep but have three very talented running backs that can juke you out of your shoes or run you over. Too many offensive weapons make giving the Saints six points an easy wager.

The only thing in question about the Saints is their defense anchored by veteran Darren Sharper.  This season the Saints defense has only allowed an average of 19.1 points in  9 games, including the playoffs, against teams that finished the season .500 or better.  In those nine games, the saints scored an average 34.4 points per game.  Compare that with the Colts only scoring 25.7 points against teams finishing .500 or better in 13 games, including the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong the Colts can score the ball as seen in the game against the number one Jet’s defense last week. However, the best defense is a potent offense.

The Jets defense gave the sometimes inconsistent Saints defensive end Will Smith and linebackers Scott Fujita and Jonathan Vilma obvious proof that Peyton Manning, although barely ever sacked in the regular season, is vulnerable to blitz packages when placed in third and long situations as he was sacked twice and pressured many other instances. The Jets defense was on the field way too long and eventually tired out in the last thirty-two minutes of the game. If the Saints score the ball like I know they can and Drew Brees pumps up the defense too shut down the Colts offense like they shut down the Patriots in week 12, there is no doubt that the Colts won’t cover the six points.

Saints +6 ($500)

Over 56.5

Note: For legality purposes, this Web site does not promote or advocate gambling. This is solely for entertainment purposes only.

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